Carling/Salecom Mini Toggle Switch DPDT On/On


Carling/Salecom T80-T mini toggle switch - DPDT (Double pole, double throw) 2 position on/on (can also used for on/off too). It features a round actuator lever and comes complete with two mounting nuts and washers. These are ideal for coil tapping one or two humbuckers in your guitar at just a flick of the switch which can be a lot easier to use for some players who don't like using push/pull pots for example. The mini size of the switch is ideal for not being too obtrusive on the front face of the guitar and also for not taking up much extra room within the control cavity. I've used this in the past for some custom wiring work and they were a great, space saving option.

Thread diameter - 6mm
Thread Length - 8.5mm
Size of switch box - 11.5mm x 12.5mm x 9mm( 12.6mm inc lugs)

Chrome & black currently in stock, awaiting further stock of gold.