McNelly Wild Range Humbucker pickup


Wild Range Humbucker Tasting Notes
The Wild Range Humbucker was a pickup that ended up with a change of direction. The original plans was to create a totally vintage correct replacement, even going as far as sourcing the original spec parts. But in true McNelly form, the idea to further improve on the design was the highest priority. Creating a pickup that could even be considered as an 'upgrade' over vintage models.

The neck is fat with a chime that is more articulate than a vintage WRHB. It's a great one if you find your vintage neck a little dark. The bridge has full clear tone that cuts. What really shines in these pickups is the balance of fatness and clarity. They can achieve a lovely break up that is rich and clear.  With the number of WRHB size pickup options available, we're proud to offer something you don't see elsewhere. They're a fresh take on classics and we're loving them!

Note: These will not fit standard HB routs.

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Cover Options
McNelly pickups are listed individually, so simply add neck and/or bridge option you wish, to the cart. They are available with Nickel, unplated, Gold and Black.

These great pickups are hand made to order in Canada. All made to order pickups have a lead time to your door of around 3-4 weeks. We'll always do our best to shorten this estimate and keep you updated if it is looking any longer. 

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