McNelly T-Bar Nickel pole piece Bridge Pickup


T-Bar Tasting Notes
The T-Bar is one of those pickups that stops you in your tracks. It is a direct replacement Tele bridge pickup size, but packs a P90 punch. Yup. They feature recessed adjustable poles and blend some of the tonal characteristics of a traditional soapbar P90 into a direct replacement for a tele.  The tone is fatter and will more readily push the front end of your rig with higher output.  For those who love to rock out on a tele, these add some fun flavours!
When you hear them, you have question it as it is so hard to imagine it is possible to get so close to that of a hearty P90 loaded guitar in a Tele. But these definitely do.

- 11.95k wound with 43awg wire
- Wiring is 2 conductor, cloth covered wire (one for 'hot', one for ground)
- Magnet direction - North to strings
- Coil direction - Clockwise

In Review
Also read what Guitar & Bass Magazine thought of the T-Bars we sent to them for a full, in depth review. It was a good one! -

Guitar & Bass T-Bar Verdict

Hear Them
These two videos show a T-Bar neck & bridge set with 500k pots fitted, much more Tele esq but with a much fatter tone!

Fitting and recommendations
- Comes supplied with three new fixing screws and tubing
- Wiring is 2 conductor, cloth covered wire (one for 'hot', one for ground)
- We personally love this pickup when paired with 500k pots. We find that this captures the extra power of the design and P90 characteristic, whilst retaining some 'twang' familiar with Telecasters. But it also works well for some players with 250k pots, it will result in a slightly 'darker' tone and capture a perhaps Les Paul Junior style response. But for optimal use, we recommend 500k pots and a .022uF tone capacitor value.
- As this pickup does not have a metal baseplate installed, we recommend ensuring your bridge has a separate ground wire installed.

This nickel pole piece bridge position T-Bar pickup is in stock!