McNelly Stagger Swagger V2


Stagger Swagger Tasting Notes
The Stagger Swagger is a pickup design, unique to itself that's receiving a lot of love around the world from players looking for something real special.
Although technically a P90 based pickup, the Stagger Swagger can't be filed under the same stereotypes and characteristics. What you'll find here is a pickup full of dynamics, detail and clarity of a true single coil pickup, in the handy humbucker replacement size. They're crisp and clear, but ballsy. Clarity and definition in abundance but they certainly don't lack in power when driven. These completely do away with your old 'Have your cake and eat it' dilemma. They're noise-cancelling too, handy huh?!
So many players have regarded these as the best pickups they've ever heard. That's a bold statement with the guitar world flooded with choices, but it's certainly something worth taking note of.

The V2s have a little more output than before, but they keep the chime that has made them so popular.

Based around A4 magnets, 42awg wire and a great choice of cover options to suit your tastes.

1 15/16" string spacing

Also available with a +10% over winding should you want that extra bit of punch!

Hear Them

A third party video showing a Jennings Voyager fitted with V2 Stagger Swaggers - 

Here are some videos showing the V1 Stagger Swagger, the sound won't be too far at all from the V2 so these V1 videos may still be helpful!

Here's a clean demo of the +10% wind set - 

Not my videos but a nice demonstration of the Stagger Swaggers in a solid body instrument, lovely!

In Review
Also read what Guitar & Bass Magazine thought of the Stagger Swaggers we sent to them for a full, in depth review. It was a good one! - McNelly Pickups Guitar & Bass Mag Review

Guitar & Bass Stagger Review

Cover Options
McNelly pickups are listed individually, so simply add neck and/or bridge option along with the standard wind or +10% you wish, to the cart. There are lots of really nice, unique cover styles for the Stagger Swagger available.

I currently have a full nickel neck and bridge standard wind set of Stagger Swaggers in stock!

For other cover/wind options - These great pickups are currently hand made to order in Canada. All made to order pickups have a estimated lead time to your door of around 4-5 weeks. We'll always do our best to shorten this estimate and keep you updated when they are leaving the McNelly workshop or if it is looking to be any longer.