McNelly Humbucker Jazzmaster Pickups


Tasting Notes
So if you want a little more fire in the bridge position, or perhaps lush warm Humbucker sounds for your Jazzmaster. Then we can make it happen! The full  humbucker McNelly pickup range is now available in Jazzmaster sizing! They make for an easier swap that doesn't require a full pickguard replacement.

So, which Humbucker flavour will suit?

Cornucopia - The most popular humbucker choice as it's the set that seems to do everything well. They are clear and airy, with tight punch that holds together well even with overdrive. The flip side is that they still keep the organic and sweet feel of a great PAF. Take them from sweet blues and jazz to driving rock and they'll thank you for it.

Autumn - If warm and lush is the goal, this Low/Medium output set is superb. Roll back the tone and the neck lives for jazz with round woody tone. The bridge, with it's creamy mids, makes single note work full without being brash.

Bliss - A low output set with the stunning complexity and the warmth of Alnico 2. These are for you If you're looking for refined vintage tone, but want to have a little more presence.

Clarity - The Clarity set has a little more output than the other sets. The neck delivers punchy low end with an open sounding top end that is clear and articulate. The bridge is wound with two different coil specs for a more balanced frequency response.

The Chaplain
McNelly have never let tradition dictate design and The Chaplain is a testament to that approach. By taking some inspiration from the Charlie Christians, Tim has made something that's not only bold, but extremely expressive with none of the honk. The tight and punchy low end is combined with exceptional clarity that is well beyond any traditional humbucker. But don't mistake this for a jazz-only affair. When you push harder, you'll be rewarded with dynamic response and distortion that doesn't get in the way of chords. Perhaps the pickup that ‘could have been’ if Gibson had based the PAF on a Charlie Christian instead of the P90. If you're on the fence about humbuckers, don't lose hope. The Chaplain will make you a believer.

*Humbucker pole pieces are taller than a vintage Jazzmaster pickup. You may need to make some space if they hit the bottom of the pickup cavity.

Cover Options
McNelly pickups are listed individually, so simply add the neck and/or bridge pickup in the cover option you wish, to the cart. Covers are are available in Cream, White & Black.

This particular pickup model is currently hand made to order in Canada. McNelly are currently working to a 12 week wait time on made to order pickups, so please bare this in mind when placing your order. Both myself and McNelly Pickups really appreciate your support and patience, thank you for choosing McNelly for your guitar!