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McNelly Gold Foil Pickup


Gold Foil Tasting Notes
The iconic Gold Foil. Originals are highly sort after by guitarists searching for the 'Coodercaster' sound, but for many who have heard them soon realise that their versatility and great tone lead to a lot more than a modded slide guitar pickup. Finally with us, is Tim McNelly's take on the classic Gold Foil, or silver if that's more your thing!

As with any McNelly take on a classic pickup design, this isn't simply a reproduction. This is a design that will further develop the tone and quality. What is a Gold Foil? Traditionally it's a pickup based around rubber magnets, of which McNelly cut in house for their custom bobbins, along with 44 gauge wire at roughly 30% fewer turns that a strat single coil pickup for example. A really short bobbin, lots of steel and adjustable pole pieces. The pole pieces sit north of the coil, meaning they help provide pretty prominent low overtones, yet clear. Something McNelly's take on the classic further implements with Tim's characteristic dynamics seen across his entire pickup range. 

Cover Options
McNelly pickups are listed individually, so simply add neck and/or bridge option you wish, to the cart. They are available with nickel covers, along with classic gold foil, or slick silver foil insert.
Also available with an additional pickguard mounting bracket.

These great pickups are currently hand made to order in Canada. McNelly are still working hard through the Covid-19 situation, but Tim is working on his own and is stating pickup orders have an estimated lead time of around 10-12 weeks. Please bare this in mind when placing your order, and both myself and McNelly Pickups really appreciate your support and patience.

Special offer!
Interested in ordering this as a neck & bridge pickup set, or combined with another model from the McNelly range? Well to help soften the blow on our wallets, I am now offering free shipping on UK Domestic orders when more than one McNelly Pickup is purchased through us here at James' Home of Tone! If you're in Europe, please do get in touch and I'll manually remove the equivalent UK shipping costs from your set order too! Offer only applies to orders that include more than one individual McNelly Pickups, so a neck & bridge set for example. Offer is only valid for one use per order, and if you have any further questions do please send me a message! 
Simply enter 'McNellySetShipping' code at the shopping cart stage and the free shipping discount will be applied for you providing your cart has more than one McNelly Pickup added!