McNelly Duckling Tele Neck Pickup


Duckling Tasting Notes
Now this one oozes cool! Remember the days when you had to hack up your guitar and scratch plate, if you were brave enough to attempt putting a Strat pickup in a Tele? McNelly have truly put those days in the past.
This pickup is for the Tele players who have a thing for the wick vibe of a Strat neck pickup (I know I fall into this territory!). The rich deep lows to the clear and glassy chime is all there, but squeezed into a standard Tele size. No cutting. No Hacking. No Routing required.

The Duckling will give even a great Strat a run for it's money.

Hear It

Cover Options
McNelly pickups are listed individually, so simply add the quantity of pickups in the cover option you wish, to the cart. The Duckling is available in three different cover options, check out the drop down menu to see all three!

These would currently need to be hand made to order in Canada. McNelly are currently working to a 12 week wait time on made to order pickups, so please bare this in mind when placing your order. Both myself and McNelly Pickups really appreciate your support and patience, thank you for choosing McNelly for your guitar!