McNelly A2 Signature Neck Pickup


A2 Signature Tasting Notes
This could be considered McNelly's most vintage set in terms of output. The neck pickup is lively with a bit of squish and has a surprising amount of definition.

Cover Options
McNelly pickups are listed individually, so simply add the neck and/or bridge pickup in the cover option you wish, to the cart. Welcome to the family. The A2 Signature pickups are available in a wide range of traditional and unique cover options. Please see the images and drop down menu for a full run down.

Hear them
Here's a video by Sean Pierce Johnson on YouTube, featuring a Jennings Navigator guitar. This specific guitar has the A2 Signature neck pickup, and shows it on it's own, with a compressor and a booster so it is a good representation of the pickup's response.

Nickel cover version currently in stock!

For other cover styles - These would currently need to be hand made to order in Canada. McNelly are currently working to a 12 week wait time on made to order pickups, so please bare this in mind when placing your order. Both myself and McNelly Pickups really appreciate your support and patience, thank you for choosing McNelly for your guitar!