MarcusDluxe Pedalboard - VertDluxe Limo V3 'upright' handmade pedalboard


I have been friends with Marcus for some time thanks to the great guitar community, and I am an owner of two of his awesome pedalboards. I love them, So we have decided to offer some here at the Home of Tone! All handmade by Marcus, also by using as many recycled and off-cut materials as he can to reduce waste, these boards are an incredibly solid, affordable and quality alternative to some of the mass produced options on the market. 

This particular board though is very unique, and an idea Marcus had a while back to help players whilst at home, recording or for making video demos with. I have the smaller version of these limo upright boards and have used it in demo videos too, really useful! But they are great if you have a home recording set-up and want to control the pedal settings a little easier whilst sat at a computer desk etc, many VertDluxe owners use them this way and find benefit from doing so. This one in particular is larger than the standard one, stretched out, hence the name limo!
It also features a really useful shallow ledge, so you can use this with pedals that don't have hook fitted, and the pedal can sit on the 'ledge' comfortably.

It's finished in a rustic black/brown, stamped with MarcusDluxe branding

Dimensions - 
360mm loop length
90mm loop width
400mm total board length
140mm total board width

These have been seen on A LOT of demo channels since Marcus started using them, so you may recognise them already. As well as on my own channel from time to time! Here's a video featuring a VertDluxe Limo sized upright board by Leigh Fuge!

In Stock!

Please note that due to wood grain variances, the photo may be different to the board you receive.