Jim Dunlop - Harris Tapered brass guitar slide


I've been looking for a fairly priced, consistent and quality range of brass guitar slides to offer alongside the glass items I stock here. A good customer and friend of mine mentioned the Harris item by Dunlop, so I checked out the specs and was very impressed indeed! They carry a lovely weight, which is useful for both feel and tone, but the tapered side walls allow for a great playing feel. I now stock the 231 Medium size and 232 Large size Harris tapered brass slides here at the Home of Tone!

Here's what Dunlop have to say - 
The Dunlop Harris slide combines the mass of the classic brass slide with its precision tapered radius wall design for a perfect blend of form and function. This design distributes the slide's wieight for optimal balance and tonal excellence.

The revolutionary shape on the Harris Slide - a perfect fit for both electric & acoustic guitars - makes it the brass slide of choice slide guitar players of all kinds. It produces a warm, resonant tone with the superior sustain expected from a quality brass slide. Each Dunlop Harris slide is hand polished to a brilliant luster.

Size information - 
231 Medium - Inside measurement 19.0mm - Length - 63.5mm
232 Large - Inside measurement 20.5mm - Length - 63.5mm
91g weight
3.4mm Sidewall thickness at the wider end, 2.3mm sidewall thickness at the thinner end.

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