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About Pre-Wired Harnesses
I wrote an extensive article about replacing your guitar's wiring harness, answering the main questions about each component and the potential differences and improvements that can be had in doing so. To read the full article, click 

About the 'Signature Series'

After a number of years of making my harnesses, from offering a range of options and further developing the product, it has lead me to this natural road. My Signature Series. This is my personal choice of premium components as the highest grade replacement guitar electronics. 
The series features my new USA made paper in oil capacitors and Pure Tone multi contact jacks as standard. Along with the brilliant CTS 'TVT' series +/-5% tolerance pots, German made solid copper 22awg wire with modern insulation and a lacquered cotton braid finish and a Switchcraft 3 way toggle switch.

Please Note - If you're upgrading from perhaps import or Japanese built guitars which have metric sized pots, you may need to widen the holes in your guitar's pickguard etc to accommodate the slight larger US made quality pots and switch we use. I recommend doing this with a step cutter which makes a cleaner enlarged hole in plastic than a normal drill bit which could have the risk of 'tear out' on the plastic as it drills through. In my experience a step cutter is a cleaner, better tool for doing this job!

- CTS 'TVT' Series +/-5% Tolerance pots - 500k, split shaft pots as standard on Tele Deluxe kits. 
- Home of Tone paper in oil .022uF capacitors x2
- Switchcraft 3 way right angle toggle switch.
- Pure Tone multi contact jack socket
- 22AWG wire

Home of Tone Pre-Wired Guitar harnesses

If you're upgrading your Telecaster Deluxe, why not consider upgrading the pickups too? I also offer the beautiful McNelly 'Wild Range' humbuckers which are McNelly's take on the classic WRH these great guitars have. You can find out more about the McNelly Wild Range pickups HERE

Delivery time
As these are made to order by hand, the waiting time is around 3-4 working days depending on quantity of current orders and repair jobs in at the time. 

If you have a Tele Deluxe style guitar that isn't a Fender, I can happily make a harness to suit your guitar. So please feel free to get in touch, and we will compare measurements and obtain a quote for you.

Left Handed Options
I also make these in left handed orientation. As standard I make the left handed harnesses with traditional RH taper pots, because after a lot of research and customer orders over the years it seems 99.9% of Lefty players are used to traditional RH taper pots. If this is the case, simply put that you require a left handed harness in your order comments and I will make it for your LH Telecaster Deluxe!

If you're used to LH taper pots, I can make a harness with those, but sadly the pots are slightly more expensive. Please get in touch for a LH taper loaded harness quote.