Ground Control Audio - NOODLES- 3-band active EQ/boost pedal PRE-ORDER



The Noodles is a 3-band active EQ/boost pedal. It features a bass, mids and treble channel. Each channel has its own gain control as well as a choice of 3 carefully selected frequencies of interest that the user can cycle through using a push button. Each channel is toggable using a footswitch. When enabled, the output of each channel is mixed in equally with the others as well as the dry signal, which always comes through.

All modes:

Bass Mode I: 40Hz
Bass Mode II: 100Hz
Bass Mode III: 280Hz

Mids Mode I: 400Hz - 2.8KHz
Mids Mode II: 800Hz - 2KHz
Mids Mode III: 1KHz - 1.5KHz

Treb Mode I: 2.8KHz
Treb Mode II: 4KHz
Treb Mode III: 6KHz

The Noodles features the same pre-amp technology that made the success of GCA's Amaterasu bright pre-amp and Tsukuyomi midrange boosters as well as a digitally-controlled solid state analog signal routing system built around the ARM Cortex-M microcontroller platform.

Hear it

Now available for pre-order, at a special pre-order price until the end of December 2020!

Pedals due to ship from GCA in mid-late January.

More photos, demo videos and more accurate delivery estimate will be updated ASAP.