Gravity guitar picks - Acrylic series - Razer shape


Razer model.

The Razer boasts a longer, narrow taper when compared to the Classic. This subtle difference results in an articulate, precise, picking machine. If there is a fast alternate picking line that you have played a thousand times, then you must try it with a Razer. Arpeggios and chunky rhythms are great as well for the Razer. 

- Hand-Shaped And Polished By Professionals.
- Superior Grip From A High-Grade Transparent Thermoplastic (Polymethyl Methacrylate).
- Proprietary beveling System To Give The Most Consistent Bevels Possible

Master Finish or Polished?
The bevels on each pick are shaped on a grinding wheel which creates rough bevels. Those bevels are then polished or left unpolished, which is called 'Master Finish'. The Polished finish will provide a little more glide across the string with a smoother feel, whereas the the unpolished version is a bit brighter and creates a different release off the string. A touch more string grab that allows you to 'dig in' a bit more. It is just a personal preference and each types are equally popular. 

These truly are fantastic picks and I couldn't believe the difference over the conventional tortex, celluloid or plastic picks that I'd been using all my guitar playing life(over 20 years en-counting!). Improvement in feel which was a welcomed change. they really are a great investment and worth trying out! I wouldn't go back to conventional picks again now I've found these, and I feel very privileged to offer them here at Home of Tone!

In Stock!