Switch Tip - Gibson style plastic 3 toggle switch tip for USA fit


Will fit U.S.A. Switchcraft switches as found on Gibsons or Fender Jazzmasters for example. Give your Les Paul, SG or ES-335 that vintage touch with the antique white, cream or aged looking amber tip, or a traditional look with white or black. Chrome & Gold also available, please see our other listings.

Just a quick fitting 'tip' (sorry!), you may find the new switch tip a bit tight to fit first time around. This because the internal thread sometimes needs to be 'cut' a little, like a self tapper for example really, I tend to recommend to tighten a little, wind it back (or remove it completely to blow away any excess) and repeat. I've been stocking and fitting these for years now and find this is just the best way to install them. Don't force it, as the switches can be delicate and it's not worth damaging a £20+ switch for a £2 tip! So if it feels tight to thread on, try this trick I use and it'll soon fit nice and snug with a good fit :)

Will not fit Epiphone switches or similar. Available in Amber, Cream or Black.

In Stock!