G7th - Performance 3 ART capo with adaptive radius



Since their introduction, G7th have always pushed the boundaries in capo technology and are often seen as the "Rolls Royce of capos".

One of the biggest issues players often face when it comes to the 'efficiency' of capos that are currently available is their inability to provide an even string to string pressure.   Many popular capo designs are guilty of falling short in this area by applying more pressure towards the pivot point and less towards the end of the capo resulting in the treble strings being squeezed harder than the bass strings (or vice-versa) and consequently this can lead to tuning issues.

Now, with the introduction of their unique 'Adaptive Radius Technology', G7th have solved this issue.  This revolutionary technology coupled with their unique tension control could well make the Performance 3 the closest thing we've seen to capo perfection.

Here's what G7th have to say about the Performance 3 Capo;

Performance 3 - For a perfect fit on all of your steel six-string guitars

This capo is the only design in the G7th range with the revolutionary Adaptive Radius Technology (ART) string pad which adapts to match any guitar neck for unrivalled tuning stability.

What is Adaptive Radius Technology?

The ART system adapts to the true curvature over your strings and fretboard, exerting completely even pressure across all the strings -setting a new standard of in-tune, buzz-free use. It gives you the maximum tuning stability with the minimum possible tension in EVERY position, on ANY guitar neck. 

Unique Tension Control

By simply squeezing to attach and squeezing to release, the Performance 3 capo gives you complete and intuitive control over the pressure you place on your strings. Whether it's an acoustic or an electric, you can have confidence that you are in control and will keep your guitar in tune.

Easy to use

Designed for one-handed use, in any sized hands. With a little practice it's nearly as quick to move between frets as a spring capo, but without the need for frequent retuning.  The capo easily stores behind the nut for quick and easy access, or on the headstock. Perfect for any steel six-string acoustic, electric or hybrid nylon string guitars. 


- Designed for Steel String guitars

- Will fit guitars with a maximum fingerboard width of 2 1/16" (52mm)

- Will fit guitars with a maximum neck depth of 11/16" (27mm)

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