Fender 'TBX' Tone control pot kit


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A number of years ago I owned a Fender Jeff Beck strat which featured the TBX pot and was very impressed by it's versatility in use. I have recently also installed one to my main guitar and forgotten just how great and useful they are!
The 'TBX' (Treble Bass Expander) is a dual concentric stacked pot with a centre detent. From 0 to 5 (at the detent), the TBX functions like a normal treble cut tone circuit with filtration through the capacitor (kit comes supplied with .022uF value cap). So advancing the pot counterclockwise from the centre detent position gradually filters off the high frequencies/trebles. But rotate the pot clockwise from the centre detent position and you add presence and brightness, a little like a bass cut tone circuit if you will, which can be a useful 'on board' effect. 
If you want a minimal compromise way of keeping the normal 250k pot sound, but like the idea of having a boost of trebles to hand, perhaps a handy way of cutting through the mix in a band situation perhaps, or brightening up a muddy pickup or pedal sound, this can be a great solution and simple to use. 
A 250k/1MEG stacked pot with a .022uF capacitor and 1/4 watt resistor.
Pot shaft is 5.95mm 24 spline but it does come with a new white strat style tone knob.

Original TBX tone control for most Strats and Teles. CTS manufactured, includes capacitor, resistor, white control knob and mounting hardware. Comes in original Fender® packaging. along with wiring diagram guide.

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