Evidence Audio - Monorail SIS patch cable kit



Evidence Audio are makers of premium instrument cables, and I in particular offer their absolutely brilliant Monorail patch cables. Available with SIS Screw-In Solderless connectors, both the connectors and cable are high quality and very mindful of space saving on a tight pedalboard.

Tiny cable. Huge sound.

There’s no need to compromise your sound when space requires a small diameter cable. In this case, 0.155 inches.

The Monorail is the “go-to” cable for people who want a cable that gets out of the way sonically and physically. Equipment builders, rack builders and pedalboard builders. 

The Monorail SIS patch cable kit is available in two forms, the small kit consists of 8x SIS connectors & 5ft of monorail cable. The large kit consists of 10x SIS connectors & 10ft of monorail cable, offering a great full kit for wiring your pedalboard.

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