Descendant B.C.B. 'Blue Collar' bridge


The Descendant Vibrato, Companion Bridge and the new 'Blue Collar' bridge are the brain children of well established, and highly respected luthier, Chris Swope of 
Swope Guitars.

I began working with Chris in 2020, by stocking the brilliant Descendant Vibrato. Those have proved to be incredibly popular here in the UK, with great customer feedback from those that have invested in the design through me. This year (2022) Chris introduced a new hardtail bridge, a trusty spec that will do you proud, the 'Blue Collar' half bridge! 

The Design
Super strong, tumbled 300 Series Stainless Steel with brass compensated saddle set. Has both string-through-body and top loader holes.  The 3 saddle screws are spaced for 2 & 1/8" (54mm) spacing. The mounting hole pattern corresponds with that of a vintage style (Tele) bridge as does the material thickness of the steel (1.15mm thick). 

Ships with screws, hex wrench and a pair of shorter height adjustment screws to prevent players from scraping up their palms with certain set-ups.

In Stock!