CTS - 270 series MINI sized 250k & 500k pots


I’m a big fan of CTS pots, & the 270 series are superb. These mini sized pots are of equal quality to their full sized counterparts, but offer guitars with tighter control cavity spacing the option to still have a quality pot and not an inferior item just because of size. I've used these on harnesses for Fender Coronado's and Epiphone Sheraton's where the f-hole is much smaller making it difficult to fit a full sized CTS pot through upon install. These worked great!

- 250k & 500k versions
- Knurled shaft, mini potentiometer (16mm)
- +/-9 tolerance
- bushing 3/8-32 threads
- 3/8 in. bushing height
- 5.95mm adjustable diameter 24 splines
- 3/8 in. shaft length, requires 3/8 in./9.52mm mounting hole.

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