CTS Premium '450' Series 250k pot - Split shaft with 3/8" bushing


This premium, '450' series spec CTS pot features a +/-10% tolerance which is incredibly important as the rating is accurate to the requirements. Their construction is also a longer life-span brass shaft and bushing with a graphite wiper. Each pot comes complete with a nut, washer and star tooth washer.

Although this particular pot can of course be used in strats, I stock this particular spec of 250k pot as it has a longer mounting thread length (3/8") than the 'TVT' versions I also stock (1/4"). This can be particularly useful if you need these for a body mount build/project rather than the usual Strat/Tele pickguard and control plate mounting which the TVT suits due to it's shallower mounting thread depth. 
I have added a photo example of this to this listing, so this shows a 'TVT' spec 250k pot on the left, and this 450 series spec 250k pot on the right, with the longer thread length. Hope this helps!


250k Split Shaft Specifications
Total pot depth - 30mm
Length of threaded shaft - 9mm
Shaft diameter - 9.52mm (please ensure that the pickguard / control plate that the pot is mounting onto has a minimum 9.6mm diameter hole)
Base of pot diameter - 23.5mm

In Stock!