GrooveTech Guitar/Bass Multi-tool - GTMLT1


I'd be lost with my guitar tool, from little tweaks at home or a gig. To a full set up and maintenance, they are so useful no matter where the guitar is made.

Here GrooveTech offer the first 14-in-one multi-tool for guitars and basses that’s actually useful, without unnecessary gimmicks. Whether you have a USA or imported axe, they have got you covered for most bridge, truss rod, and other adjustments. Includes four metric and three fractional hex keys, two Phillips screwdrivers, a 2.5mm slotted screwdriver, and ruler for setting action. Truss rod sizes are ball-end for easy access. All keys are pro-grade, using heat-treated S2 material with a polished chrome finish.

Super high quality, and compact in size. Perfect to keep on you when out and about with your guitar, or at home practicing. A favourite item of Home of Tone!

Hex Keys:
1/8" (Ball End)
3/16" (Ball End)
4mm (Ball End)
5mm (Ball End)

#1 Philips
#2 Philips
2.5mm Slotted

Truss Rod Socket
5/16" (For Gibson)

In stock!