Round vintage cupcake style control knob for 6.35mm solid shaft USA spec pots


These are supplied individually, in either brown, black or cream colour & will fit 6.35mm CTS Solid shaft control knobs (grub screw fixing).

I really like this style of control knob, perhaps most commonly seen on 60s era Fender amplifiers for example, but due to the fitment size they will also fit guitar pots with a shaft diameter of 6.35mm, so CTS solid shaft pots for example. Or, if you have CTS 5.95mm split shaft pots, you could install brass conversion sleeves and be able to install these control knobs!

Available here individually, in white, brown, black or cream.

I actually purchased a bag of Genuine Fender ones for spares fairly recently, and quality is identical to these that I have sourced. Same inner metal sleeve, good sizing match and style too. Really impressed with these.

Diameter: 20.5mm
Height: 12mm

In Stock!