Brass pot sleeve - Convert split shaft to solid shaft pot


These are ideal if you have split shaft pots on your guitar and want to convert to solid shaft versions to fit certain types of control knobs, without having to completely change your guitars' pots. 
Some control knobs require solid shaft pots to rotate 'straight' and fit correctly, IE control knobs held in place by a grub screw rather than a usual push on knurl fit like a Telecaster for example.
These sleeves simply slide over shaft of the split shaft pot, allowing you to then fit solid shaft style control knobs. Some fitting notes that might be useful, split shaft pots are adjustable, so you may find that when you slide this sleeve onto the pot shaft it could either be too loose or too tight. So simply use either some small pliers to reduce the width of the pot shafts, or something like a small flat head screwdriver to pry the split shaft apart a little and adjust until you get a comfortable, firm fit of the sleeve onto the pot shaft.

These are to convert a 5.95mm split shaft guitar pot into a 6.35mm solid shaft pot.

Please see the measurements below to ensure correct fitment on your guitar's pots. 

6.35mm OD x 5.95mm ID x 6.32mm length

Sold Individually. CTS pot not included.

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