Benson Amps - Preamp Pedal



Stocking Benson products has truly been a bucket list item for me, one of those brands I have really admired and hoped I could stock one day, and I'm so proud to say that has finally happened! I first tried their Pre-Amp pedal courtesy of a friend that owned one and was not one bit disappointed. That playing experience has stuck with me ever since, it's a pedal that's on my personal wish list, and a pedal that I've wanted to stock here too!

Benson call this their Preamp because it is! The circuit is based on the their amazing Chimera 30 watt guitar amplifier, but substitutes FET transistors for the vacuum tubes. The result is an extremely amp-like and versatile clean boost/overdrive/fuzz pedal that imparts rich harmonics and a very musical EQ to your signal chain…truly a Chimera in a box! 
You only have four controls to play with: “Volume,” “Drive,” “Bass” and “Treble.” But that’s pretty much all the tone-shaping you need, as the unit is built to work across all manner of rigs.

Power requirements:
9VDC Boss style adapter or battery 50ma

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