Copper Shielding Foil - 8" x 12" sized self adhesive sheet


This Copper shielding foil is 12", long and 8" wide and features simple self adhesive backing meaning it's easy to work with. Rather importantly, this has conductive adhesive too. Easily cut to required cavity/routing size with normal scissors and will stick straight on (as long as surface is free of dust etc!) Ideal for lining the cavity of a guitar body and for the back of pickguards/scratchplates. I have personally used this on my own guitars. If applying to the control cavities and back of pickguard, ensure there is a contact 'lip' over the control cavity edge to create a full ground with the pickguard shielding.

THIS is a great article by our friends at Guitar Magazine about copper shielding your guitar 

If you purchase more than x1 12x8 length, I will cut in a continuous length providing stock levels allow.

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