20SWG Tinned Copper Ground Bus wire


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I use this tinned copper wire for my ground connections between pots etc on my Signature Series harnesses. I opt for 20SWG, a slightly thicker gauge than the usual 22AWG wire used for the main connections purely as a bit of extra strength and rigidity between the components. This is helpful when the harness needs to be handled for install, a bit of future proofing too should it need to be all removed and handled in years to come As this is solid core too it's very sturdy to handle which can be helpful for good ground connections. This is particularly nice stuff to work with though, it's tinned copper 0.91mm core wire and solders really nicely with a really solid ground connection. It's supplied as a 2ft length. If you buy more quantities, I will cut it as a continuous length should the reel allow!

If you want to shield this wire, you can use the heat shrink that I also stock and the 1.6mm heat shrink fits over this a treat.

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