Alpha - Solid Shaft Linear Taper Mini Pot for Jazzmaster & Jaguar roller controls


These Alpha solid shaft mini pots are ideal for the two roller controls on the Jazzmaster and Jaguar Rhythm circuit. Available in 1 Meg & 50k ratings, both are linear taper which is traditionally used in this application.

The Alpha made pots are perhaps more commonly used in MIJ or import Jazzmasters & Jaguars but can fit any origin of JM or Jag ultimately. The main detail to note is the mounting thread diameter and the pot shaft diameter. Some USA models of JM & Jag will have CTS made mini pots which have a much smaller shaft diameter (3.96mm) so do make note of the measurements detailed below depending on what size roller wheel control knobs you have and whether they will fit your Jazzmaster or Jaguar.

Important measurements to note - 
Mounting shaft diameter - 6.9mm
Roller wheel/knob solid shaft diameter - 5.95mm

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