T.R.Music Walsall presents 'PEDAL DAY'! 8th January 2023 12-4pm
I was asked by the awesome T.R.Music to be part of their new event being held at The Table Coffee Shop named Pedal Day on Saturday 8th Jan, 12-4. Something to look forward to in the new year, to connect with like minded people. TR are welcoming people to buy, sell and trade too, they’ve invited me to do a little mini pop-up shop alongside them which is ace! There will also be a showcase of Walsall based talents Fullertone Guitars & Accidental Noise Devices, as well as demonstrations from Blackstar Amps 🙌🏼 A nice, community driven, relaxed afternoon for guitar gear obsessives to gather in the new year at a great venue (particularly looking forward to a coffee!). I hope to see some H.O.T followers there too. Full info can be found over on the TR Music page for the event
13 November, 2022 by James P Gascoigne

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