New harness to the Signature Series range - '54-'78 Strat 3 and 5 way wiring
Strats have long since been a major part of my harness range, with a great choice of specs to suit your needs. Many of them being modern takes or vintage modified style specs, so it was about time that I offered a more 'true to vintage' inspired spec and option. So here I introduce my new '54-77' style kits!

This kit has a few vintage inspired options to choose from, and specialises in recreating some of the specs found on '54 through to '78 production Strats. So here we have options for the true to vintage 3 way pickup selector, early spec cap value choices, and tone pot wiring configurations as well as a later 5 way switch version of those vintage schematics and cap specs too. I already offer a variety of vintage modified, modern and more unique Strat kits but wanted to offer something for those looking to recreate specific vintage specs too and hope this option will help.

From '54 to '77 Fender only offered 3 way pickup selector switches on their Stratocaster model from the factory, these were of course often modified with players modding, wedging things in the switch to give them those in-between tones and installing 5 way switches later on too, but to be true to vintage here, you can still choose the 3 way switch and there is an option for 5 way should you want to create a '78 onward spec kit. Capacitor values used in production strats have changed a few times over the years, earlier models using the darker 0.1uF cap value, through to later models seeing a 0.047uF value used. The 0.1uF was used from '54 models right through the Pre-CBS era on both maple and rosewood neck instruments, into what I believe to be 1968. The late '68 and '69 guitars onward right through the 70's, I have seen the transition to using the 0.05uF(0.047uF) cap values as standard.

Through this period though we still saw as standard, the 3 way switch, with the neck pickup using one of the tone pots and the middle pickup using the other tone pot. The bridge pickup wasn't connected to a tone pot at all, that classic Leo Fender 'Lead Tone' position I suspect! The CBS era also saw a transition to using plastic coated wire, but to be honest, in my premium replacement wiring kits I will be sticking with quality Gavitt USA cloth covered wire. 

For all of these kits, I will be using as standard, CRL premium blade switches, CTS 450 series vintage taper dished back pots (with the option of CTS 450 'SSSP' standard back pots if preferred, 'Mustard' tone capacitors in either '54-'68 0.1uF and '68-'78  0.047uF specs, Gavitt USA wire and the quality Pure Tone multi contact jack socket. These are tried and tested components and will get the best from your pickups for years to come. The main detail with the choices/options are the specs to suit the era/period of strat you're recreating. Schematic will be based upon the traditional method used for the period, which remained unchanged throughout. 

Although many strat players will know and love the 5 way switch for getting the most out of the guitar tonally, some players may want that true to vintage 3 way switch kit so I hope this helps! But if you want the vintage schematic, vintage taper pots, true to vintage cap specs but still want a 5 way switch then this is the kit for you too! 

Click HERE to view the new kit and order via the secure website.


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