Product spotlight- Gravity Picks 003!
I've been a stockist of Gravity Guitar Picks since first opening in 2015, and they'res very good reason for that. Product consistency in quality and finish & customer response. Be it your first venture away from popular celluloid or tortex etc picks we all started playing with, or a veteran of the 'boutique' guitar pick world, Gravity provide a high quality product that is definitely worth trying I feel.

So I thought I'd spotlight a fairly new pick to their range, which was a reaction to many many requests for Gravity to product a closer Jazz III style pick in their material and finish. So the 003 joins the family!

Shape initially looks the same as the Sunrise model, but on closer comparison the shoulders of the pick aren't as broad or sharp edged, and are closer to it's Jazzy inspiration instead. Width measures at .86" wide

They're made from Gravity's popular acrylic (Polymethyl Methacrylate) thermoplastic material, the same as the rest of the range, and is available in 1.5mm thickness. For now, I have the standard size in stock, but they're also made in XL size which means if you're a fan of the J3/003 shape but find the size a little small, the XL measures at an increased .98" wide. So expect to see those on our shelves soon also!

To see the 003 on the shop, alongside all of the other Gravity Picks I proudly stock here too, check out the collection HERE!

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