Meet the latest McNelly Pickups set! The Chaplain

I've been really excited about this set, after Tim teased some prototype videos on his social media channels recently.

McNelly have never let tradition dictate design and The Chaplain is a testament to that approach. By taking some inspiration from the Charlie Christians, Tim has made something that's not only bold, but extremely expressive with none of the honk. The tight and punchy low end is combined with exceptional clarity that is well beyond any traditional humbucker. But don't mistake this for a jazz-only affair. When you push harder, you'll be rewarded with dynamic response and distortion that doesn't get in the way of chords.

Perhaps the pickup that ‘could have been’ if Gibson had based the PAF on a Charlie Christian instead of the P90. 

If you're on the fence about humbuckers, don't lose hope. The Chaplain will make you a believer.

These will come as standard with 1 15/16" string spacing and braided 2 conductor wire, but can be ordered with 4 conductor wire if special switching is your thing! Available in the standard range of humbucker covers including nickel, chrome, gold, open nickel, silver or gold foil, but if you have something custom in mind please do get in touch as I'm sure it would be possible!

Video demos will also be following very soon too! But for now, here's a taster of a prototype set straight from the McNelly workshop!

Prices start at £144.99 per position and they can be ordered from us now!


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