McNelly Pickups launch the 'Silvercaster' Strat pickup set

McNelly Pickups over in Canada, one of the Home of Tone's longest represented brand, have taken the pickups designed for the Silver Sky PRS model and rebuilt them for traditional Strats with a signature McNelly twist. The pole pieces are radiused to 9.5" and matched with vintage Strat string spacing, offering a modern take on a classic sound.

The bridge pickup is available with two output options. The standard output closely matches the Silver Sky, offering cutting and jangly tones. The +10% version gives you a balanced output across the set with a fatter sound in the bridge, bringing it closer to a typical modern Strat setup.

These were developed by McNelly after they personally inspected and tested an original Silver Sky set to try and see what made them 'unique' to that model, and set about honouring that with some McNelly character and approach too.

I think this is great for players that have been intrigued by the tones captured by the Silver Sky model, but haven't quite felt the desire to reach for the flying bird inlay fingerboard and pointy headstock alternative juuust yet. Fitting a set of pickups designed around those featured in the silver sky might just help you with this dilemma though! Keep your traditional strat, capture some Silver Sky tonal character, a nice compromise!

Demos to follow soon

Check out the Silvercaster pickups here at the UK dealer for McNelly Pickups, James' Home of Tone!

Are you keen to get the full silver sky tonal experience in your traditional strat? Then perhaps consider my Silver sky spec pre-wired Strat harness too! 

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