Helping prepare and make ground wire connections to guitar pot casings video
The 'Quick Tips' series are back to basics, no frills videos to help guide guitarists through some maintenance and modding tasks. In this video I look at preparing and making ground wire connections to pot casings. This is something I know many dislike, or avoid altogether but I think with some simple steps it can be an easy task anyone armed with a soldering iron can master. So these are some simple and humble methods to try and help you achieve effective ground connections using lead free solder wire. I hope this helps my customers with the pre-wired kit installs, pickup installs/swaps, or from scratch re-wires using components from the Home of Tone too. These are just some of the methods I use everyday, there are I'm sure other ways to approach this, but these work for me and the parts/equipment I am using everyday.

Please take care of yourself and your guitar when carrying out any guitar wiring work as James' Home of Tone cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by dangerous or incorrect techniques used.

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