McNelly Charlie Christian Soapbar Pickup demo!
I have recently finished a T-Style partscaster build, or the 'fifty model as I like to call it. I wanted to show the great new range of McNelly Pickups' soapbars with pickguard mounting options, great for guitar makers. Seeing as the range consists of many of the classic pickups already made like the Cornucopia humbucker and Stagger Swagger, but of course in soapbar size, I thought it would be a good idea to spotlight the model which is completely new, The Charlie Christian Soapbar!

McNelly Charlie Christian Soapbar Pickup Demo

The new pickguard mount Soapbars are great for guitar makers looking for something a little different to the conventional through pickup, body mount way of fixing Soapbar pickups to the guitar. 
So, onto the Charlie Christian model! Using traditional components, true to the original CC Pickup design but of course in typical McNelly fashion, trying to further improve on it too. This pickup is beautifully clear and very transparent, whilst also being incredibly responsive to touch and tone/volume settings. I recorded this clean demo (which also shows it mixed with a T-Bar bridge pickup for example purposes) to hopefully show what a beautiful sounding and versatile pickup this is. Charlie Christian by name and design, but a whole lot more than just a swing/jazz sound!

As always, the demo guitar was played direct into my Rift Amplification PR18, and recorded using a Shure SM57, through a basic Focusrite interface and zero post recording EQ, what you're hearing is exactly as the mic heard it.

If you're interested in this guitar, it is now up for grabs on the website HERE
f you're keen to try a McNelly Charlie Christian pickup yourself, they're HERE


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