McNelly - Soap Bar Charlie Christian


Soap Bar Charlie Christian Tasting Notes

Boom! We made Charlie Christian pickups to mount in a P90 size. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but it's wound with 38-gauge wire like original CC pickups. A2 magnets give a gorgeous sweet tone to the clear highs. If there is such a thing as a "3D" sounding pickup, the Charlie Christian may be the poster child. 

Note: Available in pickguard mount only. Mounting tabs extend beyond the end of the cover. They'll give you grief if you try to install it in a body mount style guitar (Les Paul etc.) without modification.

Hear It

Cover Options
McNelly pickups are listed individually, so simply add the neck and/or bridge pickup in the cover option you wish, to the cart. The Soap Bar Charlie Christian range is available in a lovely selection of cover options, please see the drop down menu and photos for a run down. 

This particular pickup model is currently hand made to order in Canada. McNelly are currently working to a 10-12 week wait time on made to order pickups, so please bare this in mind when placing your order. Both myself and McNelly Pickups really appreciate your support and patience, thank you for choosing McNelly for your guitar!