Joe from the Guitar nerds compares the standard Squier bronco bass pickup with our beloved McNelly double pole Bronco bass pickup!
A very special thank you to Joe Branton from the Guitar Nerds podcast for putting this comparison footage together for me, absolutely brilliant to hear the original Squier Bronco bass pickup (essentially a 6 pole guitar single coil pickup) against our beloved McNelly Bronco/Musicmaster double pole single coil bass pickup! I'm no bass player, so really grateful for Joe's help with making this comparison video happen. The McNelly Bronco bass pickup is a direct fit replacement for the standard pickup, but features a double pole design inspired by P-Bass split coil pickups for example which along with a baseplate and increased output makes for a much fuller, more responsive pickup. Ultimately transforming the Bronco bass in every way tonally. These pickups have been incredibly popular since we introduced them a few years back, and it's great to finally get around to putting some videos out there to share what it can do for your Bronco. This particular Bronco with the McNelly installed also features my Home of Tone Signature Series wiring kit upgrade, which features CTS 'TVT' series 250k pots, .022uF tone cap and a pure tone jack socket soldered together with Gavitt 22awg wire. The wiring kit is available along with the pickup or as a standalone wiring upgrade too!

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