Jennings hit the pages of Guitar Magazine this month!
The latest issue of Guitar Magazine is out, and it has a glorious 6 page feature on our beloved Jennings Guitars! Whenever some of my brands get featured in this great magazine I can't help but feel very proud to represent them here. Huge thanks to Chris, Joe and the guys at Guitar magazine, really grateful for the continued support of my brands, and store.

Jennings Guitars UK

Be sure to check the issue out in the big mag outlets and supermarkets, and let me know what you think of the Jennings feature!

Jennings Guitars UK

PS. - Thanks for everyone's patience whilst the website has been undergoing some maintenance, I think I'm through the bulk of the work so have put it back online. Appreciate everyone who messaged still wanting to order whilst they couldn't do it conveniently on the website, very kind.


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