Home of Tone Record of the week - Seth Lee Jones' Live at The Colony
You may remember a little while back I shared a go fund me campaign set-up by incredible musician and luthier, Seth lee Jones, to help raise the funds to make his first record possible. Well due to the great following he has, he soon smashed the required target and was able to produce and release his first record! Live at The Colony is as the name suggests, a live recording from one of his regular residencies at The Colony, a Tulsa based music venue. This is a 6 track record packed full of the most incredible slide guitar work you're likely to hear, not just in the blues genre. Seth's voice is authentic, soulful and suits his unreal guitar playing perfectly. The back cover shows his trusty SLJ Telecaster, along with it's McNelly Stagger Swagger and Duel Blade pickups and monstrous Hipshot bender tailpiece. Seth is the master of this B-Bender style tailpiece, which has three levers situated on the A, G & B strings.

All the tracks are a masterclass in blues slide guitar, but for me, the standout track if you can pick on, was Long Distance Call. Unreal!

He's an absolute monster of a guitar player, and I'm so glad to have it on CD now after spending so many years enjoying his instagram, facebook and YouTube clips. 


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