Home of Tone Record of the Week - Deftones' Diamond Eyes
Deftones were a band that emerged to many in the 'Nu Metal' era around the late 90s/early 00s, with their albums Adrenaline, Around the Fur and White Pony. Their sound, for me anyway, separated them from the pack. Chino's vocal lines following unique melodies over the commanding guitar parts. I loved their sound and were one of the very few bands to stand the test of time through that era without sounded dated or defined by that breakout metal era.

Diamond Eyes, released in 2010 absolutely floored me. Hypnotic guitar parts from guitarist Stephan Carpenter armed with his array of 7 & 8 String guitars (to name a few, Stephan is known for using an array live and in the studio) simply had me hooked from the first listen and I still binge on this record until now. I've had this record in my car solidly for the past few weeks and it's such a good metal record. For me it's so much more than that, which Deftones have the habit of doing!

14 September, 2018 by James P Gascoigne

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