Rebecca's Bronco Bass project
Rebecca recently got in touch and ordered one of my pre-wired Bronco bass wiring kits, along with the awesome McNelly 'Broncomaster' pickup pre-wired too. She mentioned that the overall project was being carried out on one of the newer version 'Sonic series' Squiers, which I haven't been able to see in person yet. The minor/subtle changes in spec on these new versions look superb, revised string spacing and a smaller footprint tuning machine set further improve it as a solid modding platform bass. 

Beautifully demonstrated here by Rebecca's awesome Ramones & Paul Simonon inspired aesthetic. So this one started life as a new Squier Sonic Bronco, and it has had the McNelly Broncomaster pickup paired with my pre-wired kit (with a black nickel Pure Tone jack fitted), copper foil shielding throughout the cavities, domed top black control knobs, Leo Quan Badass II bridge, Hipshot Ultralite lollipop machine heads, Custom matt black scratchplate, Gotoh string tree, Gotoh neck plate, D’Addario elliptical strap buttons & a Graphite compound nut. Awesome specs and love how it's turned out. Thanks for sending over some photos, Rebecca and for giving me permission to share this great project here on the blog!


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