A fresh batch of Loaded For Bear Audio cables <3
A quality cable isn't just about signal path quality alone I think, it's about longevity and reliability, they can take a beating over the years particularly with gigging musicians, so having a cable you can trust to work as it should is a key buying point. This, among others, is one of the reasons I think Loaded For Bear Audio cables have been so popular since I introduced them to the Home of Tone range early this year. 

Plus, look at them, beautiful!

Loaded for bear audio cable

Jon introduced a new range of cables recently, named 'Alma'. These feature a fabric braided sleeve, in three colours: Lark (natural), Java (blue) & Mossed (green). Made with quality Van Damme cable terminated with G&H High Clarity copper core nickel plated plugs, specs similar to that of the very popular Clarity range of cables too. I really like the aesthetic of these fabric covered cables, and are beautiful for home or studio use. I've just received a selection of Alma cables in stock, and the come with a storage bag and cloth cable tidy strap. 

Loaded for bear audio ALMA cable

Also in this batch is a superb selection of specifications and colours, including a re-stock of the really popular Ghyll grey featured front and centre here. These are available with a variety of plug types, and cable specs to suit requirements or your budget. But all are high quality, reliable cables that I'm very proud to stock. Thanks to Jon for making this batch for me and continuing to have me on board helping represent his brand.

The latest batch can now be found listed on the website HERE

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