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Nick's custom Telecaster Deluxe!
This was the first job on the bench after a brief summer break with the family last month, Nick’s lovely Telecaster Deluxe. It came in for a setup, rewire, installation of new pickguard and to smooth the back of the neck. Nick asked me to rewire it for two reasons, resolve some niggling faults but also make it more suitable for his playing preferences. After going over some options we decided to move the toggle switch out of the way of the strumming area down to the pots instead. He complained of accidentally knocking the toggle switch in it's standard position, and wanted to take that hassle out of his gigging! He plays long sets in bands as well as his own solo wedding work so his guitars need to be reliable. So in moving the toggle out of the way and down to the main pots area, we needed to change to a master tone whilst still keeping the two volume pots. This way you can still do the cool Tele Deluxe kill switch effect by rolling one off etc.

As the new anodised pickguard has the standard holes, I’ll be finishing by just popping a blanking plug in the usual toggle place for now. That way should it want to go back to standard config it’ll be easily done. The guitar had a brass nut fitted prior so I just gave that a polish up and refined the slot depths.

For the neck smoothing we opted to just try the wire wool method first to see if that is suitable before going the whole way and sanding it right back and oiling. Already a huge improvement from the particularly sticky gloss it was prior, feels ace!

A lovely, resonant, unique looking and great playing Tele Deluxe, pleasure to work on, setup in Eb on
Elixir Strings Optiwebs from my stock. A nice way to get back into the swing of things.

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