2012 Gibson Double Cut for new wiring and nut
I have neglected my workshop blog a little the past few weeks, apologies there. So let's make up for it with a cool job in this week. Steve dropped off his very cool 2012 Gibson Billy Joe signature Les Paul Double Cut for a new wiring harness and new bone nut. This one has been gigged a lot, and Steve took it on from it's original owner opting to give it some Johnny Thunders vibes! 

Out came the factory wiring (which were basic spec 'Gibson' stamped CTS pots, a little ceramic cap wired modern style and a Switchcraft type jack. And in went my 50s style kit with CTS 450 series 'SSSP' 500k pots, Gavitt 22awg braided wire, a MOD brand oil .022uF cap and Pure Tone multi contact jack. Pickup breathing nicely now and guitar sounding wicked!

The old nut also needed to be replaced as the slots were cut really low which was negatively affecting the setup and neck relief that was achievable. So I removed that, and made from a unbleached bone blank this new nut. Set the slot depths from .006" to .004" (Fretted at the 3rd and measured between the 1st fret and bottom of string) which has allowed for a better neck relief measurement. Open strings ring out nicely again now. What a cool guitar, such a pleasure to work on, and now I really want a Gibson DC!


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