Schaller - S-Lock Security Strap Lock set


I think the S-Lock is a prime example of a company not resting on their laurels. The original Schaller strap lock set had almost become an industry standard, seeing other brands replicate the product too. As great as the product was though, Schaller took on board the customer response to certain aspects of the design of the years and took it upon themselves to further improve the strap lock set. In steps the S-Lock!

The strap button now comes as a solid, single item rather than a separate screw and button. It’s made from hardened steel and features a 4mm, self-tapping wood screw that will fit securely on any guitar, including Gibsons! Also includes a pair of high-grade felt washers to add extra protection to the guitar’s finish.

Now featuring a much longer thread, the new lock section can accommodate a strap up to 6mm thick comfortably. The iconic horse-show-shaped pocket still remains but the locking bolt now features a slanted cutaway which allows the button to drop in reliably and without wear. The pull-up ball has also been redesigned for easy grip for release. 
And, of course, the lock will fit onto existing Schaller buttons on your guitar!

The most obvious new addition is the distinguishing locking wheel which now features a three-step locking system – far better than the nut and washer design of before. The wheel is tightened on by hand and alone would be a sufficient lock; however, the second stage is to slot a 2mm screw-driver/pin/Allen key through the wheel which acts as a lever to really tighten it down. Lastly, tighten in the grub screw on the side and this sucker will never move!

One strap lock set includes 2x strap buttons, 2x strap fixings. Please note strap in photos is not included.


All finishes in stock!