McNelly A2 Signature Plus Neck Pickup


A2 Signature Plus Tasting Notes
This set is made for those who want to have the sweetness of the A2, but prefer a little more output. They have been designed to retain the touch sensitivity of the A2 Signatures in spite of the slightly higher output.

Cover Options
McNelly pickups are listed individually, so simply add the neck and/or bridge pickup in the cover option you wish, to the cart. Welcome to the family. The A2 Sig Plus range is full of great cover options, from traditional to unique. Please see the drop down menu and images for a run down.

This particular pickup model is currently hand made to order in Canada. McNelly are currently working to a 12 week wait time on made to order pickups, so please bare this in mind when placing your order. Both myself and McNelly Pickups really appreciate your support and patience, thank you for choosing McNelly for your guitar!