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Jon at Loaded For Bear Audio has been kind enough to work with me on a Home of Tone Exclusive instrument cable range! I've personally owned my 'Mk1' spec LFBA cable for a good while now, it gets used daily in the office and I've loved the tactile quality, pure sound and of course, the cool styling of it. But I couldn't help but wonder what we could do with a HoT exclusive version! So back in April, we began discussions about a Home of Tone edition/exclusive! We decided on some specifications that I particularly liked, aspects from both the MK1, Clarity & Alma series of LFBA cables, as well as something otherwise not available in the normal LFBA range of cables to make these a little unique. These are all hand assembled in Yorkshire by Loaded for Bear Audio with a Lifetime Guarantee, and importantly, built to last just like the other great cables from the LFBA range. 

They all feature a really nice and vibrant teal colour high quality braiding to aid flexibility and durability of the cables in use. The colour was chosen as we felt it's about as close as we could possibly get the the colour used in the Home of Tone branding, but to further help match the colour to my branding, and to make the colour 'pop' that bit more we have used some crisp white, super high quality Van Damme PRO Grade XKE Instrument Cable. This cable offers an excellent tonal quality with the high frequencies being bright and shiny and low frequencies round and warm. The thermoplastic outer screen coupled with the close lapped oxygen free copper wire inner screen, ensure excellent noise rejection and durability. This is the very same cable I have in my personal Mk1 LFBA cables that I have been using daily for a long time now, sound quality is fantastic, it's a practical thickness and has a durable yet flexible feel.

I absolutely love the G&H plugs used on LFBA's 'Clarity' and 'Alma' cable range, so we decided to use those, but wanted to do something a little different and utilise G&H's gold, high clarity plug ends for this range. The gold plug offers maximum connection reliability, with the G&H copper core tip and general high quality construction, materials and reliability is a seriously good plug option. I feel this is the best possible plug available for the Home of Tone exclusive cable collab! If gold isn't your thing visually, then don't worry, we are using the normal nickel housing on these rather than the full gold housing, so the visible part of the plug when it is plugged into your guitar, board or amp will only be the nickel section! You will see a small section of gold on the right angle plugs though as demonstrated in the photos. 

They also feature a fun cable related variation of the classic Home of Tone UFO logo on one end of the cable for a nice little unique feature for this series.

I'm really pleased with this, and it was incredibly kind of Jon to put so much time into helping make this happen. It has been a long process choosing the right specs, trialling colourways, looking at plug options alongside seeing how they matched up with the various colours we tried and I'm so happy with the results. Well worth the efforts, The colour looks amazing in person too! The samples Jon made looked great, but seeing the final cables reassures me the colour way was the right decision! I've picked specs from some of my favourite aspects of the current LFBA range, along with a couple of unique features to make these an exclusive. I hope you like them too!

You won't find this spec cable and colourway elsewhere! An exclusive to the Home of Tone.

Instrument cable - Van Damme PRO Grade XKE Instrument White Cable As used in the Mk1 and ALMA series of LFBA cables
Length - Choice of 3 or 6 meter
Plugs - G&H gold plated Plugs w/Nickel housing in Straight or right angle plug combinations
Braiding Colour - Home of Tone Teal Blue

Comes supplied with a Bongo Tie – natural rubber and bamboo cable tie, included as standard with all instrument cables.

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