Ground Control Audio - TSUKUYOMI - MID BOOST



The resemblance is no coincidence. The Tsukuyomi built upon the same foundation as their very own Amaterasu bright pre-amp, the Tsukuyomi midrange booster uses the same great jfet frontend and 20dB gain amplifier stage. Through the Mid switch, the Tsukuyomi is voiced to boost the 880Hz-1kHz mid band with an additional 12dB of signal gain - giving your tone a very different character altogether, helping your leads stand out in the mix. This pedal is best used with single coils and very trebly amp setups to give your tone a velvety fullness while also adding a crunchy sweetness to humbuckers.

Uses a standard 9V DC center-negative power supply. Has no battery support. The use of an isolated power supply is recommended for best performance.

In review Magazine's Richard Purvis reviewed the Tsukuyomi in May 2019 and kindly awarded it 9/10 & the editor's choice award after a thorough run down! You can read their review online HERE

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