Wiring kits now available for Fender Jaguars!
It is very long overdue, but my Signature Series Jaguar re wire kits have just hit the site! To start with anyway, this one is a humble recreation of the traditional specs/style and is available as sections, or a full kit. Which might help for repairs, as well as full re wires. The various cavities/routes and wire channels on these short scale offsets mean some of the final connections need to be made in situ, but the traditional colour coded wires, my labelling and accompanying wiring diagram will assist with that. Really enjoyed finally getting around to making these an available item instead of some kind of secret handshake, the Jag deserved better than that and needed to be up there alongside my JM and Mustang kits.

Fender Jaguar wiring harness kit

The Jaguar, released in 1962 and packed with innovative features remains an incredibly special guitar that has provided players with a creative tool ever since. 

Although many guitarists pigeon hole it along with the Jazzmaster due to the unique offset shape, vibrato system and quirky controls, they are quite different beasts and I do think it's pickups and wiring circuit that play a big part in that.

Fender Jaguar rhythm circuit

Although it does share a rhythm circuit design similar to that of the older Jazzmaster sibling, where it's only the neck pickup activated and a volume and tone pot system controlled via side mounted 'roller' pots.

Fender Jaguar pickup switches

The lead circuit however differs quite a bit, with on/off switches for each pickup (not dissimilar to the Mustang), as well as an extra 'high-pass filter' switch, or 'strangle' switch as it's often called. Then your main volume, tone and jack socket sits on the final control plate.

Fender Jaguar lead circuit

This particular harness is a recreation of the traditional schematic, meant for direct replacement, or for a vintage spec build. I have spec'd it with the same component values as the originals would have had to be true to traditions and I hope this provides Home of Tone customers with a solid replacement, upgrade or project wiring kit to help with their traditional Jaguars. My kit does come with a treble bleed mod as standard, I personally feel this spec helps with volume pot response through the sweep. If you wouldn't like the treble bleed fitted though, just let me know and I can certainly make it without one for you.

Due to the body routing, and more importantly, wire channels found in traditional Jaguar bodies, I cannot provide this as a complete drop in harness, I instead have to supply it in three sections. As a result, I have decided to offer those individually, if for example you only need to replace one section for repair etc. Or you can purchase all three sections as a complete kit, which would then have the final connections made in situ upon install. 

Fender Jaguar harness kit

The harness can now be ordered over on the shop, you can find the listing here!

I also stock all of the parts individually, should you wish to wire up your Jag yourself too. You can find all of those parts across the range of guitar parts collections on the shop too.
27 July, 2021 by James P Gascoigne


Gonzalo Silva

Gonzalo Silva said:

Hi James any idea when these kits will be available?

James  Gascoigne

James Gascoigne said:

Hi Gonzalo,
They are available currently, and listing was updated accordingly as soon as the parts arrived and I was able to make them again, can be ordered via the link in the article.
Many thanks :)

Gonzalo Silva

Gonzalo Silva said:

Hi James, I have tried to orderthis but at checkout it says that my shipping address is invalid. Do you not ship to Western Australia?

James  Gascoigne

James Gascoigne said:

Hi Gonzalo,
Hmm, could you contact me via e-mail or the contact form please? I do regularly ship to Australia and have rates setup on the shop/checkout so it should allow it, not sure why it isn’t working for yourself but certainly do ship there. So if you could contact me via the shop please, that would be appreciated, as tricky to resolve via blog comments. Many thanks :)

paul rodgerson

paul rodgerson said:

The rhythm part of my Jaguar doe"s not work on the volume..do you supply the pre wired rhythm circuit switch ,capacitor and roller pots as a separate item as per photo and if so how much please?
I am a previous customer and happy with your work.Cheers,Paul.

James Gasciogne

James Gasciogne said:

Hiya Paul, good to hear from you. Absolutely, I sell the rhythm circuit section as a pre-wired kit as noted in this article. They’re available via the website to order, via the links in this article. I can’t share clickable links in a blog comment/reply, but if you have a look at the article there is a direct link to the jaguar harness product on the website where you can select the rhythm circuit section :)

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