Welcoming Descendant Vibrato to the Home of Tone family!
I’ve admired Chris’ development of his Descendant Vibrato unit since his instagram account documenting the design first came about. The ideas behind his design spoke to me as something that would be a great, relevant addition to the offset guitar world. So I’m very proud to say that I’ve recently confirmed my first stock order and am now a UK dealer for the Descendant Vibrato! I’ll be accepting pre-orders soon, but I’m holding off a little bit until the assembly date is a little closer so I can better estimate the delivery for customers. Stock will be carried in the UK, and left handed offset owners will hopefully be pleased to hear I will also be carrying stock of the left handed units too.

Descendant Vibrato UK

If you want to learn a little more about the unit, I have created the collection and product listing ready for when I'm accepting pre-orders and I've detailed many of the spec details with more to come too!

Descendannt Vibrato Collection

A huge thank you to Chris Swope Guitars for his time, enthusiasm and supportive discussion in making this work!


Marcus Schreiber

Marcus Schreiber said:

Do you make this for a lefty Jazzmaster?

James Gascoigne

James Gascoigne said:

Hi Marcus,
Absolutely, a left handed unit is made and is available. I carry stock of both RH and LH here in the UK :)

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