The Yellowcake lida machine - The most beautiful and informative demo you'll hear
I often get asked about Yellowcakes' Lida Machine. And rightly so, not many will have come across a resonant filter pedal, nor fancy takling a pedal with that many knobs. But believe me, if you love creating unique sounds, it's worth delving into. 
I respond with the best collection of words I can string together into a sentence, but this beautiful demo released by 'Knobs' on YouTube, is quite possibly the most informative, simple and beautiful demo videos physically possible of this intriguing pedal.
If you want to know about the lida machine, this will fulfill your needs!

In other, but similar news.
I recently had a bit of a pedal overhaul. Although not possessing much of a 'board' as such, as my collection only consisted of about 4/5 pedals at one time, simple ones at that (for a simple brain like mine). But I plugged it in and found myself more frustrated, than inspired. Not good. So I sold all but one on, (kept my Boss Chorus CE-2 as it was kindly gifted to me, and I also love it), with plans of starting fresh as funds will allow.
So far I plan to obtain the Jackson Audio PRISM, Lehle Mono volume pedal, this beautiful Yellowcake lida machine, something from the Meris pedal range and a few more which until I know for certain, will keep my cards close to my chest! As my funds allow, I'll share how my new pedal board is progressing here on the blog. But there is no doubt at all, that the lida machine will proudly sit on my own board, as much as I do find myself doing pentatonic noodling like many of us do, I also absolutely adore just improvising and making interesting sounds. So I think this is a real must for me!


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